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Time is often of the essence regarding legal matters. If you have a legal issue, contact me today at 765-716-6213 or You are more than a client with Chris.

The Law Office of Christopher J. Martindale, LLC is a solo practitioner law office, and Christopher J. Martindale is the solo practitioner attorney.  Christopher J. Martindale focuses on the areas of criminal law, personal injury / worker’s compensation, family law, and bankruptcy, and he also provides legal services for various civil matters.  The geographic areas where Christopher J. Martindale practices include Marion County, the Counties surrounding Marion County, and various other Counties around Indiana. 

Diligence. Competence. Genuine. Unique. Compassion. Family. Passion. Small Business. These qualities are the foundation of the Law Office of Christopher J. Martindale and the representation of clients. What do these qualities mean to this law office and your representation?

Diligence. Each attorney in Indiana has an ethical duty to represent their clients with diligence, and it is a duty I take very seriously. However, many or even most attorneys are too busy and take on too many cases, which affects their ability to be diligent. In order to be able to represent my clients with diligence, I only take on a certain number of cases and keep my work load reasonable and manageable. You should ask any attorney before they take your case what their work load is. If your attorney is not overworked and overwhelmed and opposing counsel is, you are at an advantage.

Competence. Each attorney in Indiana also has an ethical duty to provide competent representation for their clients. I have experience and knowledge of the law in the areas of law that I practice, and I become as familiar as I can with the specific facts of each person’s case. I prepare for every court date, filing, meeting, and everything else that the case requires. I turn down cases when I do not feel that I have the proper competence to take the case and refer them to other attorneys who I believe are competent.

Genuine. What you see is what you get with me. I don’t run commercials with paid actors, fictional scenarios, gimmicks, mascots, and bait and switches. I guarantee representation based in reality and on who I truly am, and I do not lie about what representation with me will be. I will be the attorney that represents you and works on your case, and I do not pass clients off on other attorneys when they have hired me. You should ask any attorney before you hire them whether they will be the attorney actually working on your case and, if they are, how much time will they spend on your case.

Unique. Every person and every case is unique, and I treat every person and case as unique. You will never be just another case file in the towering stack on the desk with me. It is really easy for attorneys who take on too many cases to treat their clients as just another case in the stack and run their practice like a factory or a mill: this is how people can slip through the cracks, misrepresentation can occur, and the specific details of a case can be ignored.

Compassion. I understand that many of the people that come to me for legal representation are in a tough spot, have serious legal issues, and need my help. I represent people the way I would want to be represented if I were in my client’s shoes. Every legal case involves people and their unique circumstances, and, all too often, this is lost in the legal system. I understand, I sympathize, I respect, and I want to help.

Family. People who have legal issues and need an attorney need somebody on their side and fighting for them. My clients become part of my family, and I treat them as family during and after the representation. Clients spend a lot of time and resources on their attorney, and a relationship occurs as a result. I want the attorney/client relationship to be a good one and my clients to feel like I have their back through the good and the bad.

Passion. I have a passion for the law, people, and helping people, and I believe these passions are necessary for competent, productive representation of clients. There is normally a clear difference between the products of somebody who loves what they do and somebody going through the motions. I don’t go through the motions with people and their legal issues, and you should not accept this from an attorney. I want you to achieve your unique goals regarding your case, and I will fight hard to help you reach your goals.

Small Business. My law office is a small business, and I wouldn’t have it any other way. Small business offers bigger results than a “big” business or “large” firm because small business can better provide the aforementioned qualities. My law firm is much more human and able to represent you as a unique human being with unique legal issues because my firm basically is me. When you call or email me, I am the one that answers: you don’t have to go through 10 different people, talk with robots, or jump through hoops to communicate and interact with me.